Junior Testing


All Newport High School students are able to sign up and take the SAT at NHS on Saturday March 4th. 

The benefits of taking the SAT are:

  • SAT scores can be used for college applications and scholarships (most colleges no longer require SAT scores. Student should check with the University directly)
  • Student, parents and teachers receive detailed SAT reports on how the student is doing academically in math and language arts
  • SAT scores are a good snapshot of a student’s preparation for college or career readiness
  • Fee waivers are available

Many universities, NCAA and scholarship organizations are moving away from using SAT/ACT scores. These scores are not being used by most universities for admission and institutional scholarship selection. All Oregon public universities and most private schools have gone this route. While there may be a few universities in other states still requiring scores, the majority nationwide, including many Ivy League schools have become test-optional or test blind. You should check with the specific institutions you plan to attend.

More information is available along with free practice at collegeboard.org


The SBAC is an English language arts and mathematics exam required for all juniors. The SBAC exam provides valuable information about how NHS is doing as a school and can guide instruction. Opt-out forms are available with Jody Hanna, IB and Testing Coordinator.


OAKS Science

 All juniors will take the Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills for science. The students are being prepared for this test in their junior science courses. The exams will be given over 1 to 2 class periods in March or April. For more information about the OAKS science test go to:


International Baccalaureate (IB) exams

IB exams are taken by juniors and seniors in IB courses to earn college credit.

For the May exam schedule and information about the IB courses offered at Newport High School go to our NHS IB Website:


IB Exam Schedule:


Sophomore Testing


All sophomore students at NHS take the PSAT and as do some college bound freshman and juniors. The exam is offered at Newport High School, in the morning of October 10th and results are released to students in mid-December. The cost for freshmen and juniors is $16. The PSAT is offered by the College Board and scores for juniors are used in several scholarship programs. More information is available along with free practice at collegeboard.org


The ASVAB is administered to all sophomore students and any interested juniors and seniors. This is administered in mid-December. The ASVAB is an aptitude and interest test provided by the military. For more information go to http://official-asvab.com/

Newport High School Academic Honesty Policy

Newport High School Assessment Policy