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Scholarship Name Due Date Where to find information
Opportunity Scholarship Varies College Board Opportunity Scholarship
The Alert Scholarship Varies
Micro Scholarship 101 Varies Micro Scholarship 101
Modeling the Future Challenge Early Dec.
Generation Google Scholarship Early Dec. Scholarship Application
Dell Scholars 12/1/20 Dell Scholarship
National Honor Society Scholarship 12/1/20 The National Honor Society Scholarship
Generation Google Scholarship 12/4/20 Scholarship Application
Science Ambassador Scholarship 12/14/20 Science Ambassador Scholarship
Equitable Excellence Scholarship 12/15/20 Equitable Foundation Scholarship
Burger King McLamore Foundation 12/15/20 Burger King Scholarship Application
U.S Military: ROTC Varies ROTC Programs
Free Speech Essay Contest 12/31/20 Fire Essay Contest
Oregon Association Chiefs of Police 12/31/20 College Scholarship Program
GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship 1/5/21 Scholarship Information
Ron Brown Scholar Program 1/9/2021 Ron Brown Scholar Program Scholarship
John F. Kennedy Essay Contest 1/15/21 Essay Contest
Lewis & Clark: Barbara Hirschi Neely 1/15/21 Barbara Hirschi Neely Scholarship
U of O Pathway Oregon 1/15/21
Asian & Pacific Islander American 1/22/21 Scholarship
Point Scholarship 1/25/21 Point Scholarship
Horatio Alger Career & Vocational Scholarship Application
OSEA AFT Local 6732 Varies OSEA Scholarships
Union Plus Scholarships 1/31/21 Scholarships
Al Forthan Memorial Scholarship 2/1/21 Al Forthan Memorial Scholarship
NROTC Scholarship Program Contact Sgt. Rees, Brandon R. 541-756-0566
WOU Pell Plus Program 2/1/21 Pell Plus Program
Linfield University Merit Award 2/1/21 Merit Award
Latino Medical Student Assoc. Scholarship 2/15/21 Scholarship
Oregon Coast Scholars Application Scholarship Application
College Board Opportunity 2/28/21 Scholarship
The Dream.Us National Scholarship 2/28/21 The Dream.Us
Computer Scholarship 2/28/21 Scholarship Application
OSU Federal Credit Union 2/28/21 Scholarship
Oregon Collectors Association Hasson/Newman Scholarship 3/1/21 Scholarship
The Ford Family Foundation 3/1/21 Scholarship Programs
American Legion Scholarship 3/1/21 Children of Warriors Scholarship
Verl & Dorothy Miller Native American Vocational Scholarship 3/2/21 Scholarship Application
OSAC 3/1/21 OSAC Application
Oregon College Savings Plan Diversity in Leadership Scholarship 3/1/21 Grants and Scholarships
Pacific NW Association for College Admission Counseling Student 3/1/21 Scholarship
Cosa Youth Development Prorgam 3/1/21 Scholarship Application
Foster Youth Chafee Grant 3/1/21 Chafee Grant Application
State 4-H Scholarship 3/1/21 Scholarship
Larry and Penelope Hull Scholarship 3/1/21 scholarship_application_2021-22 
Seneca Scholarship 3/1/21 Seneca Scholarship Link
Black United Fund of Oregon 3/1/21 ACCESS Scholarship
The Ford Family Foundation 3/1/21 Ford Scholars Program
Oregon Chafee Education & Training Grant 3/1/20 Requirements
OCCC General Academic Scholarship 3/5/21 OCCC General Academic Scholarship
Intertribal Timber Council Scholarship 3/12/21 Scholarship Application
Fibre Federal Credit Union 3/26/21 2021-2022 Scholarship Application
Oregon PTA Teacher Education 3/30/21 Scholarship
OCCC Rural Teacher Education Rural Teacher Education Pathway Project
Clear Alliance Scholarship 3/31/21 Clear Alliance Scholarship
Associated Oregon Loggers Scholarship 4/1/21 Scholarship Application
Clifford & Dorothy Hall Memorial 4/16/21 Clifford & Dorothy Hall Memorial Scholarship
Pride Foundation 4/26/21 Scholarship Application
Oregon Pointe Pest Control Scholarship 4/26/21 Scholarship Application
Pointe Pest Control Pay if Forward Scholarship Application
Oregon Central Coast PFLAG 4/30/21 Oregon Central Coast PFLAG Scholarship
PSU: Four Years Free 5/1/21 Four Years Free
American College Foundation Visionary 5/1/21 Scholarship Application
Lincoln County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse 5/1/21 Scholarship Application
Optimist Club of Yaquina Bay 5/3/21 Optimist Scholarship 2020-21
Oregon Promise 6/1/21 Oregon Student Aid
Barbara Schwantes Memorial Fund 6/1/21 Scholarship/Grant Opportunity

Lincoln County Foundation Scholarships 2021 – Stay tuned for more info …..

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