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Scholarship Name Due Date Where to find information
SchoolHouse Connection Scholarship 10/1/20 schoolhouse connection
Cooke College Scholarship Program 10/30/20 Scholarship Information
Western Golf Association 10/30/20
The Contingent: Act Six Scholarship 11/5/20 Act Six
U of O Stamps Scholarship 11/15/20 Stamps Scholarship
Prudential Spirit of Community Award 11/20/20
U.S Military: ROTC Varies ROTC Programs
Lewis & Clark: Barbara Hirschi Neely 1/15/21 Barbara Hirschi Neely Scholarship
U of O Pathway Oregon 1/15/21
Al Forthan Memorial Scholarship 2/1/21 Al Forthan Memorial Scholarship
NROTC Scholarship Program Contact Sgt. Rees, Brandon R. 541-756-0566
WOU Pell Plus Program 2/1/20 Pell Plus Program
The Dream.Us National Scholarship 2/28/20 The Dream.Us
Linfield University Merit Award 2/1/20 Merit Award
Black United Fund of Oregon 3/1/20 ACCESS Scholarship
The Ford Family Foundation 3/1/20 Ford Scholars Program
Fibre Federal Credit Union 3/26/21 2021-2022 Scholarship Application
Rural Teacher Education Pathway Rural Teacher Education Pathway Project
PSU: Four Years Free 5/1/20 Four Years Free
Oregon Promise 6/1/20 Oregon Student Aid

Lincoln County Foundation Scholarships 2021 – Stay tuned for more info …..

  • 2020 Lincoln County Foundation Scholarship Information
  • 2020 Lincoln County Foundation Scholarship Application & Budget Form
  • Sharon Butler Memorial Scholarship