Behavior Expectations & Electronic Devices

Distance Learning Expectations 

Behavior Expectations

Public Display of Affection
Lincoln County School District policy is very clear on overt affection. In short, it states: “Student display of affection for each other will be limited to holding hands.” Students should refrain from kisses, hugs, etc. “Making out” at school is considered inappropriate. Students should show respect for one another.

Bus Transportation
Riding the school bus is a privilege. Improper conduct on the bus may result in the loss of riding privileges and/or other disciplinary action. Riders shall get on or off the bus only at their designated stop.

Dances are school activities held for the enjoyment of Newport High School students. A student may bring a guest to the homecoming, prom or winter ball dance by completing a guest pass form one week prior to the dance and receiving administrative approval prior to the dance. The host student is responsible for the guest’s behavior during the dance. Once students have entered the dance they may not re-enter if they leave before the dance is over. Students should bring their school identification to all dances.

Driving and Parking
The privilege of driving motor vehicles on school property will be revoked to individual students who show disregard for the safety and welfare of the school community and our neighbors. Prohibited behaviors related to motor vehicles include: speeding, violating the basic rule, reckless driving, storage or transport of stolen or illegal items or substances, firearms or dangerous weapons. School officials may conduct searches of vehicles parked on school property. Items determined to be illegal, a threat to the safety of others or disruptive to the learning environment may be confiscated.

Community Relations
Students are to show respect for the property and community neighborhood throughout Newport and around the school. The student code of conduct and other school policies apply to students as long as they are enrolled as a student.

School lockers are the property of LCSD. Stickers may not be placed on the outside or inside of the locker. A locker and its contents may be searched at any time. Gym locker rooms are for student use during the assigned P.E. class and for student-athlete use in conjunction with practice and competitions. Students should not otherwise be in the locker rooms.

Off Limits
Students are not to be on the roof of the school building for any reason. If an object becomes stuck on the roof, a custodian should be contacted for assistance. High School students are not allowed on other public school campuses during the school day without expressed prior permission from a staff member at Newport and the school being visited. This includes the Newport Middle School campus.

Skateboards, Scooters, Wheelies, and Bikes
Wheels are not to touch the floor, ground, or pavement on the Newport High School Campus. Skateboards, wheelie shoes and/or scooters used on campus are subject to confiscation. Bikes should not be brought inside the school without permission.

Please remind individuals visiting the school, for any reason, that they must first report to the main office. Teacher or classroom visitations may be arranged either by directly contacting the teacher, or by requesting an appointment through the office. In either case, visitors must first report their presence in the building, sign in the guest book; receive a visitor’s pass before entering the building or a classroom. As a general rule, students are not allowed to bring student visitors with them to attend classes.

Hours of Supervision
Supervision is provided at Newport High School during school hours. Students should not be in the school after hours without supervision.

Newport High School expects every staff member, substitute teacher, fellow student and community member to be treated with mutual respect and dignity. It is imperative that the teacher is recognized as the authority figure in the classroom. Staff is charged with responsibility for all students assigned to their classes and at school sponsored activities.

Alcohol and Drugs
A student who knowingly possesses, uses, or is under the influence of any alcoholic beverage, controlled substance (other than a drug prescribed to the specific student for present use), or intoxicant of any kind while on school grounds or at any school activity shall face consequences as determined by district policy and state law.

Cheating or Plagiarism
The acts of cheating or plagiarism in connection with academics are detrimental to the individual and the school system. Consequences could lead to course failure and jeopardize graduation.

Dress Code
Student dress and appearance shall not be disruptive to the educational process. This standard of dress is in effect at all school-sponsored events. Clothing and/or jewelry depicting, advertising, or extolling illegal substances (e.g. tobacco, alcohol and drugs) or is considered to be “gang style” is not appropriate for school wear. The following list of examples helps to further define the dress code: Belts must be worn in pant loops; Shirts must not be top buttoned with remainder open; Shirts must cover torso (no midriff), no tops with holes; No bandanas or hair nets; Under garments (underwear and bras) must not be visible; No short-shorts or mini-skirts; No saggy pants or large holes in pants; No chains; No spaghetti straps; No cleavage.

Students involved in fighting, either on the way to or from school, during the noon hour, on school property, or in the community will be subject to suspension.

Fire Alarms
Causing a false alarm is both a violation of school rules and a criminal offense. It is mandatory that the school reports the suspected individual to law enforcement officials.

Pep Assemblies/Games
Students should be respectful to all athletes, presenters, guests, staff and fellow students.

Forgery or Lying
Any student found to be falsifying notes or phone calls to the school will be subject to suspension.

Hall Passes
Students should have staff issued passes to be out of class during their regularly assigned class periods. Staff will ask students in the hallway during class to show a pass. Misuse of a pass will result in the loss of privilege and possible disciplinary consequences. Continued problems may result in the student losing their right to be given a pass to leave class.

Intimidation, Menacing, Threats
Use of threats, intimidation, harassment or coercion against any fellow student or staff member is sufficient cause for discipline, suspension or expulsion from school.

Profane, disrespectful, demeaning language is not acceptable at Newport High School. The use of profane, vulgar or other inappropriate language is prohibited and offenders may be suspended.

Law Violations
Acts of theft, vandalism, assault, possession of weapons and menacing are violations of the law. Such behavior is cause for disciplinary action to include suspension. Students involved in these types of behavior will be referred to law enforcement authorities and may be recommended for expulsion.

Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment is any unwanted sexual advance, request for sexual favors or other unwanted verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. Behavior of this type will not be tolerated. Any student or staff who is subject to, or knows of sexual harassment should immediately notify the building principal or another person of authority.

Use or possession of tobacco on the school grounds or at a school event is a violation of state law and district policy. Violations of the law/policy will result in confiscation, parent contact, and appropriate consequence. Additional violations will be handled in accordance with LCSD Policy.

Students involved in vandalism or defacing school property must reimburse the school district for the cost of labor, and materials needed to correct the damage. Students will be subject to disciplinary consequences and may be referred to law enforcement.

Weapons, or replicas of weapons that could be reasonably mistaken for real weapons, are not permitted on campus or at school activities. Possession of a Firearm or other dangerous weapon is sufficient grounds for expulsion.

Electronic Device Expectations

Electronic Devices: Computers, tablets, cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, headphones, gaming devices. Phones and iPods should not be used as calculators unless approved by the teacher.

Electronic Devices Permitted Times:

  • Before School
  • During Passing Period
  • Lunchtime
  • After School

Electronic Devices Permitted Areas (during permitted time):

  • Hallways
  • Library
  • Student Lounge
  • Outside

Electronic devices are not to be used, seen or heard during class. All devices should be put away, turned off, and out of sight for the duration of class time. Teachers may allow students to use electronic devices. When this occurs, teachers will give specific instructions on the use of the devices.

Teachers will confiscate electronic devices on sight or sound when used in class without permission.
The device will be delivered to the main office by the teacher at their earliest convenience.
All confiscated devices will be stored in a secure location by teachers and administrators. *Students bring electronic devices at their own risk. Newport High School is not responsible for lost or stolen devices.

Parent Contact
If you need to contact your parent/guardian during class time, please speak with your teacher. The teacher will either grant or deny permission and/or allow you to speak with an Administrator.

Consequences for Non-Compliance (per semester)

First Offense

  • The device will be returned to the student at the end of their school day.

Second Offense

  • The device will be returned to a parent/guardian upon their request.
  • Lunch detention will be assigned.

Third Offense

  • The device will be returned to a parent/guardian upon their request.
  • A minimum of two lunch detentions will be assigned.
  • Student will be placed on a short-term behavior contract, which will outline the consequences for future violations. Consequences can include in-school suspension.

Failure to comply with a staff member’s request to confiscate a device

  • Students who refuse to turn over an electronic device when requested by a staff member will be referred for a Major Defiance incident.