Counseling Center


Vicky Roller
Counselor (11th & 12th Grade)
Phone: 541-265-9281, ext. 250

Kendall Mulholland
Counselor (9th & 10th Grade)
Phone: 541-265-9281, ext. 268

Crystal Greenawald
Counseling Secretary/Registrar
Phone: 541-265-9281, ext. 252
Please fax current record inquires to 541-265-3691

School counseling program vision statement

All students from Newport High School have graduated college and career ready with the belief they have the ability to overcome adversity and the passion and persistence to achieve long-term goals. Empowered with a growth mindset, they are lifelong learners and realizing their full potential.

School counseling mission statement:
The Newport High School counseling team has a positive impact on student achievement, behavior and attendance by addressing the academic, social/emotional and college and career needs of all students. Students are engaged and challenged through a life-long learner mindset to become thoughtful, respectful and culturally aware. Students’ core values will include being principled, open-minded and compassionate. The counseling program works to create a community of learning by improving student access and growth by providing equitable access and post-secondary education and career exploration. Newport High School counseling team acknowledges that educational equity provides the foundation of the growth and development of the global economy.