Start a club! Join a Club! Clubs are a great way to explore your interests/passions and meet new people. Being an active member of a club also is great for your resume, as it shows others you care about your interests, and many clubs are involved in community service activities. Newport High School hosts around 20 clubs/year, so there’s usually something for everyone!



Club Flyer

Aeronautics Wednesday Early Release (2:20-3:20) Counseling Ctr. Conference Room Roller
Art Tuesday Lunch Art Room, E-34 McEneny
Battle of the Books Wednesday & Friday Lunch W-8 Hill Hill
Chess Friday Lunch W-41 R. Wiese
Drama & International Thespian Society  Monday Lunch NHS Theatre J. Hanna
D & D Tuesday +TBD Lunch +  W-41 R. Wiese
Environmental Tuesday Lunch E-21 Koike
Equestrian (Horses) 1st meeting Sept. 13 6:00 PM Library Daugherty
ESPN Fantasy Sports Tuesday Lunch W-28 Ryan
First Generation 1st & 3rd Thursday Lunch ASPIRE Dye
Gay-Straight Alliance Tuesday Lunch W-8 Hill
Honor Society 1st & 3rd Friday Lunch TBD Atwill
Identity V Monday Lunch W-15 Rodich
Interact (Rotary) Wednesday Lunch W-15 Rodich
International 2nd Wednesday of the month Lunch E-8 Atwill
Jr. Optimist Club 1,2 & 4th Mondays Lunch W-18 C. Hargett
Magic the Gathering Wednesday Lunch W-41 R. Wiese
Math Tuesday Lunch E-17 B. Hanna
Medical Careers (Club Med) 3rd Monday Lunch W-18 C. Hargett
Mountain Bike  TBD TBD TBD Campbell
Native American Student Union Wednesday Lunch Library Conference Room Taylor
Ping Pong  Monday Lunch West Gym Krutzikowsky
Poetry Friday Lunch E-20 Newby
Robotics  Thursday Lunch Library Fox
Social Justice Monday Lunch W-8 Hill
Spanish Culture Tuesday Lunch W-8 Hill
Strategic Games Friday After school W-28 Ryan
Unified  Friday Lunch W-32 Sellers
Ursa Minor (Running) Wednesday Lunch Quad Swinford