Start a club! Join a Club! Clubs are a great way to explore your interests/passions and meet new people. Being an active member of a club also is great for your resume, as it shows others you care about your interests, and many clubs are involved in community service activities. Newport High School hosts around 20 clubs/year, so there’s usually something for everyone!


Drama Club TBD Lunch E18 Jody Hanna
Educator’s Rising TBD TBD W9 Corrina Hargett
Equestrian Team Fall/Winter TBD Karen Daugherty
Freshmen Class Advisor TBD Lunch E19 Cyrus Flanders
Garden Club TBD Lunch Corrina Hargett
GSA TBD Lunch Tanner Wilson
Hispanic Culture Club Wednesdays Lunch W19 Vicki Krutzikowsky
Interact Wednesdays Lunch E20 Rachel Newby
International Club TBD Lunch W11 Melissa Wiese
International Thespian Society TBD Lunch E18 Jody Hanna
Jr. Optimist Club TBD Lunch W9 Corrina Hargett
Junior Class Advisor TBD Lunch E6 BayLee Layton
Leos Club TBD Lunch E20 Rachel Newby
National Honor Society Fridays (bi-monthly) Lunch Boone Center Jane Myrick
Native American Student Club TBD Lunch Savannah Martin
Senior Class Advisor TBD TBD W10 Samantha Murphy
Sophomore Class Advisor TBD TBD TBD
Speech & Debate Thursdays Lunch W8 Madison Tuck
Ursa Minor Running Club TBD Lunch Tom Swinford
Videography Club Thursdays Lunch E52 Jake Carlsen